My Week in Photos: Life in Fast Forward

I think I’m forever on fast forward! These weeks keep on flying by and before I know it the weekend is long gone – Sayonara! Especially when you are traveling. We didn’t travel far, yet we got out of the hustle and bustle of the city to visit some friends and spend the night. We were right back at it Sunday with finance class, house-tasks and a special little project I’ve been bustling away on.

For the point five seconds that it slowed down when we were with friends, it seemed as if it were an eternity. We’re very fortunate to have such a special friendship with the couple that we see every other month – if we’re lucky! Time stood still, we enjoyed copious amounts of food, tremendous sushi and many laughs. They are the best hosts it’s as if we were staying at an all-inclusive hotel! Unfortunately, there isn’t a single photo of us from the weekend and maybe just one of us in our friendship. Perhaps our next gathering will include a photo-shoot – don’t put it past us!


[one] Birthday dinner with the family – all 15 of us! Oh, yes. You wouldn’t think this gentleman was a day older than 30!

[two] Gym + fro-yo date for our five month anniversary.

[three] Earlier mentioned sushi.. from a Chinese buffet nonetheless! Mouthwatering.

[four] Newly indicated tea-time at work. A great brain-infuser at any time during the day.

[five] Wednesday called for a double-dose of coffee.

[six] Top secret project sketching.

[seven] Spring fling: lacey lilac + mint.

[eight] Fun paper project for some decorating.

[nine] My new love affair: LateralX. I even squished my feets into a size 7 shoe to get the work out in – two sizes too small!

[ten] Dots, denim and tribal is how you do a Saturday with friends.


Enjoy your friends even when you can’t see them every day. Happy Monday!

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