One car family!


Yep, that us. A family of two – the mister and I. And we have been a family of one car for about two months now. Ever since we knowingly drove our second car out to California and abandoned it. Okay, not really. It was my brother’s car after all. And he so graciously invited, or lured, us out to Cali so he could be reunited and have a means to getting to his umpteen jobs – the California dream!

At first it was a challenge. It took some getting used to. How do we go from being a two car family Z working full time in one city and I working a full time and part time job in two different cities? Answer: we live with my parents and I just so happen to work with my mom at my full time position. And, we have awesome parents.

Basically, we kind of have an optional second car – my parents. Yes, my parents are awesome and completely flexible and understanding. It would not be so easy and perhaps we wouldn’t be a single car family if we didn’t live with my parents or I work with my mom. That would be a completely different story.

Sure, we could have went out and bought a second car in the last two months. But, considering our finances, our situations and everyone being understandable we have yet to purchase a second car – Z and I. The loss of my brother’s car was kind of a sudden whirlwind of actions where it might happen to we are driving it out to being in California, I think it was all under a month.

It’s been a struggle at times. The hardest part being planning ahead  – yes, even for me the planner. We’ve given up some things.. trips to the gym at a moment’s notice, running errands at our leisure and precious sleep to get to work early. Recently, with my resigning at my part time job, the sharing a car thing has gotten easier. One less place that I need to get to. And, the warmer weather allows for outdoor runs rather than treadmill at the gym – as we are expecting a 6 – 9 inch snow dumping in the next 24 hours.

Alas, we have made it work as we save for another car – our first ‘adult’ purchase as a married couple. We’re crossing our fingers our Saturn holds up to be the champ it has been and we save our pennies with plans to purchase in August – before Z heads back to school. Until then, Z is jumping into researching cars and I anxiously await his findings! Besides, we have to make it fun, right? Ey yi yi! Did I mention we have awesome parents?

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