My Week In Photos: Seeking Spring

I hate to add to the chatter and dwell even more on the weather but I’m sick and tired of this winter wonderland we’ve reverted back to. Cold, snowy and dreary days are dragging and it does a number on your emotions and daily happenings. Mother Nature, are you done PMSing? I know, sometimes it does linger for what seems like forever but we must focus on positivity and bring sunshine back into the world.

To battle the dreary muck I’m pushing forward with water colors, pastels and bright barbie pink nails – if only you could see them now! They stop me in my tracks every so often. Make your own ray of sunshine this week. If you have sunshine from Mother Nature, soak it up and send it our way! Minnesota needs some lovin’


[one] love + affection from a pet is unlike any other. Appreciating the little things in life makes moments like this warm my heart.

[two] red bull gives you wings! I was really wishing the sample car was giving out wings, it was only Monday after all. I could have used them to float through the week.

[three] mixing up the monotonous office hours with a conference presentation!

[four] run three of 13 in 2013 was switched from outdoor to treadmill short-run thanks to the second winter we’re experiencing and my hip flare.

[five] strawberry shortcake themed birthday! I had the pleasure of creating cookies for a special six year old’s birthday party.

[six] cheersing to my brother’s accomplishment! I’m such a proud sister.

[seven] it’s been projects galore over the last week and a half + you see miss priss lurking in the background? She’s got an eye on every second of each project.. I can’t wait to share these projects with you soon!

[eight] princess and the pea.

[nine] a little glimpse of blue skies enlightens our day as we muckle around this sad state of winter.. yes, april 15 and we have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground!

[ten] my latest creation sans pinterest! again, I promise to share soon!

[eleven] I’m lost between my bangs and my brother’s arm rolls. #TBT

[twelve] mr. c about lost a life after he dove and made himself at home in my basket full of tissue poms. it never fails, he has to be a part of every project.

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