Role Play: Mom & Dad


Z and I are playing real-life house staying at my aunt and uncle’s house with their four (of five) kids. When my aunt asked if we’d stay at her house with the kids I didn’t hesitate before saying yes. Her kids are basically my siblings. I’ve grown up with them, nannying them throughout their childhood. I tease that they’ve fulfilled my inkling to have children of my own. Been there, done that.


We love being with the kids and scoop up any time that I can get one-on-one. So of course, we packed up, drove over the river and moved in for the rest of the month. Yes, two full weeks of kiddos! Can we handle it?! I think so.

The kids are grown.. 17,16,14 and 12. Boy does it make a difference having a driver! I’ve stayed with them in the past when it involved getting them to and from school – on top of getting them up, fed and out the door. This time around, I merely peanut butter a piece of toast and shout loves and have good days as they walk out the door. Easy peasy.

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