Our New Addition

It wasn’t too long ago that I was bragging about how well we are handling being a one car family. Well, perhaps I forgot to knock on wood after that  rant because within days, our car was at the shop. And, unfortunately, we didn’t receive the best news.

Our 2001 Saturn was hurting and needed major attention. Work that would cost more than what our poor little Satty was worth. With some time to think about it – we were staying with my cousins and had free reign of my aunt and uncles cars – we thought long and hard. However, you still can’t wait forever when it comes to car shopping. Rather, you need to act quickly; very quickly.

The mister and I were in synch with our thoughts of not wanting to put any more money into the Saturn.  Meaning our planned August purchase was suddenly upon us. Jumping into the research and moving around our finances we were ready to head to the dealership for a test drive.

Three days, countless research and two nervous newlyweds loosing sleep over the car purchase later, we found ourselves sitting in the dealership balancing our newly obtained financial skills and our ever-wanting desires. We balanced ourselves out pretty well. We walked away from a tempting deal that had one of us hook line and sinker. It reminds us that we’re a team – the other one reminding us of the lessons we learned and wanted to stay true to.

It wasn’t easy sticking with our game plan. There were many tempting deals out there, frustration and some tears shed. But in the end, we drove away in confidence and feeling like an official married couple. With our first major purchase under our belts, we’ve crossed the line into reality – yep, we’re a married couple!

We’re proud of our buying skills and ability to pay for more than half of the car with cash! Folks (at the bank and car dealership) thought we were nuts to want only a 12-month loan. Guess you get that a lot when you’re going against mainstream charge it all and livein debt society we’re in. We’re OK being weird.

And, we’re proud to say we are once again a two-car family. The headahces are gone. We opted to pay for one fix on the Saturn to make it driveable within limits. A clutch in times of dire need. Hello new headaches of insurance coverage! Ey yi yi. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I guess you call that adulthood, right? No? Marriage.

2007 dodge caliber

Now we’re off cruising the streets in our new to us 2007 Dodge Caliber.

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