Shading 25 Years of Love: Silver & Blush Color Pallet

I’m anxious to share just what I’ve been up to. I’d recently talked of wedding withdrawals. You know, craving the DIY experience, the never-ending to-do list and overall excitement for such a grand event along the horizon. Yes, call some may call me crazy but if there’s one thing I learned throughout our wedding prep it’s that I thoroughly enjoyed it – all of it!

Instead of planning a second wedding – because who has money for that? I dove head-first into another love celebration – a 25th wedding anniversary! Z and I decided that we would host a surprise anniversary party for his parents. The reason I’ve kept it under wraps, is to keep it just that – a surprise! And it was a success!

It’s hard for me to event begin because I want to throw it all out at once! This wasn’t just any old anniversary party. Sure, there was the traditional silver and invites and food. But it was Ashlified! What is Ashlified? My special, DIY, creative and thoughtful touch.

From invitations to food, decorations and cleaning – you bet it was done to an A – for Ashley! I had some help from my sister-in-law *squeal! First time typing that out!* and the Mister himself. Oh, and a cousin and a friend. Together we pulled off a successful gathering of family and friends to celebrate a great love story!

Shading 25 Years of Love.

silver & blush color pallet

Being that the 25th wedding anniversary traditional gift and color is silver, I wanted to incorporate that. They are a traditional family, nonetheless. Silver was a given. With a little research, I was quick to learn the bridesmaid’s dress colors were not only homemade, but peach! Yes, homemade + peach! I had my work cut out for me.

Trying to stay along the traditional path as opposed to what is trending was a challenge. I absolutely love the patterns and textures that are today’s hottest trends. And chevron has me hook line and sinker. To add depth and variety, I went with silver and blush tones. I’m talking, pink, champagne rose, peach, pastel orange, coral; along with gray tones and a bit of metallic silver.

What at first seemed like a challenge – peach, really? – quickly became an obsession. I was seeing in blush and silver straight into invites!

[flower vase photo credit: Style Me Pretty]

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