I Cordially Invite You: 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation

With a color pallet in place, I was seeing silver and blush and ready to dive in! With a minimal budget and a quite extensive guest list, I had to keep myself quite limited in certain areas. One being invites. I could spend a fortune on invites, even doing them myself! There are just too many options and unique ideas that can be done!

I designed the invites – along with inspirational research on none other than, Pinterest!  I didn’t have a set template or assembled example to go off of. Rather, the pieces fell together rather nicely. There ended up being six pieces to the completed invite.

silver DIY invite layers

I’m a fan of Publisher (and am not an owner of a Mac) so I designed the text piece of the invites in Publisher. Again, trying to keep a balance of traditional yet updated with a tiny touch of trendy appeal proved challenging. However, not unattainable.

Three key factors I kept in mind while designing the invite were:

  1. Legibility – all visions of eyesight were going to be eyeballing these beauts!
  2. Traditional – per family style, not mine.
  3. Ease of use – simple and clean would end up going a long way!

Once the text layer of the invite was complete, I printed  from my home printer; cut, layered and assembled the invites by hand with the help of a marvelous girlfriend! My friends must learn to be weary of my interest to get together. There’s always something that I could use a little bit of help with.

For paper choice, I had to keep in mind the standard mailing weight and legibility – all visions of eyesight were going to be seeing these invites! Silver metallic was a must! To offset it I wanted to tie in their wedding color to spark memories from those at the actual wedding, 25 years ago! After visiting three stores in the area (in my price range) I ended up going with more of a coral-blush color than peach.

To add a trendy spin, I added polkas and a bit of twine. Oh, and the wrap label for return address. I just couldn’t help myself! To stick to my budget, I designed the invites to fit in the traditional #10 envelope or which I had plenty on hand.  And a final touch was a cursive handwritten address.

DIY polkadot invite

25th wedding anniversary invite twine on invite

wrap label on invites

Love letters on their way leaving way for décor to fill the air!

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