Coffee & Curls

madi prom

Coffee & Curls. That was my weekend, how was yours? Yep I couldn’t get enough coffee and I sure can curl a mean curl. Just ask Shirley Temple – err, Madi! So I’ve lived with a rock in the pit of my stomach for about a week now. Madi asked if I’d do her hair and make up for prom.

Oh, me?? You’re talking to me? Since when do I know how to do hair and make-up? I’m good for the coffee and curls… oh, and the photography, yes that too. But hair? Make up? Do you see me? Have you not grown up with me in your life for the past 17 years of your existence? Do I remotely resemble the talent of hair dos and make up marvels? My dear friends are laughing historically at me because you know me oh-too well.

Apparently she sees me in a way that I haven’t ever caught a glimpse of in any mirror or reflection. So, with little sleep and a lot of worry, I dressed the part to encourage the hair styling skills and showed up with two cups of coffee and set up shop in my aunt’s bathroom.

prom make up

I was saved by the grace of God with the presence of a dear friend and hair extraordinaire. We’re opening our own business: Coffee & Curls. Without her Madi’s would have been sporting the Shirley Temple look for prom 2013 – watch out Joan Rivers, I’m ready for you.

Nonetheless, our little girl looked completely grown and adorable with her boyfriend in toe. Are they not the cutest thing since baby cupcakes?!

we belong together prom couplehappiness

prom besties

madi ash prom

Now, let me add make-up artist and coffee crafter and curl extraordinaire to my resume!

We didn’t have to do much to let this girls true-beauty shine. She’s an eyelash-pro and can work madness with a mascara brush. With a gorgeous coral colored dress to compliment her skin tone, she threw on a pair of gold glitter heels – 4 inches high, her usual, a few gold pieces and she was out the door!

madisonAnd, probably my favorite shot of the the day is one that was a complete goof-up. Trying to find a fun and flattering pose, Mad will hate me for sharing the photo of her ‘hugging herself’ but the smile illuminates giggles that ring in my ear every time I look at it.

madi giggles


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