2013 Color Report

Spring has sprung – finally! At least for us Minnesotans. If you’re anywhere else in the nation, you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying spring since when, February?  IF you haven’t heard, we’ve been in a frozen tundra including snow on May 2! Yes. I speak truth.

With spring in the air, colors are starting to come back to life; including, my wardrobe. When you are in the tundra when it’s technically spring, it’s almost like you’re mourning – wearing too much black, the sweaters you want to toss for the season and mediocre outfits. Be gone mukluks! And hello bright, vibrant, beautiful color!

When it came to wedding, one of my hardest choices was colors – bridesmaid dresses, décor, invitations, my special pop of color – you name it. Apparently, I was a bit ahead of the game when I chose my mustard yellow shoes. Seriously? Mark that in the history books! And, turns out I was right on trend for the year with peacock. Shoot.

Anyway, if you’re getting married in 2013, you’ve probably already met the color challenge, head-on. If not, here are a few popular colors. Not that you have to choose from the selected 2013 colors. It just might be a tad bit easier moving forward trying to find your color items. I told you it took me 7 months to find my shoes, right?

There are definitely some fab color choices, if I do say so myself.

2013 wedding colors

photo cred: The Art of Weddings

Whether you’re going for a light subdued vintage look or the knock-out Moroccan brights, your colors will end up being your BFF. Choose wisely and fall in love, all over again!

What colors have you fallen head-over-heel for?

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