Friday Favorite: Cookies!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to change up tradition or fix a sweet tooth, I’ve got the answer: cookies!

double a dippin doodles_wedding cookies

Wedding cake is so far overdone. Let’s face it. It sits on a table with or without a quick swipe from a picky family member until you snap a few awkward photos of two people trying to both hold a knife. So not worth it. Ditch the cake and move into something you can enjoy from the seat at your head table. Trust me, a few more minutes off your feet will be much appreciated come the end of the night!

Bridal showers often come with overly frosted cakes that get forgotten more times than not. Am I right? It’s always a last ditch effort to cut and serve the cake. Here, eat! Forget the Costco run and have easy to grab + gorgeous to display sugar cookies. They’re sure to give you the sweet-tooth fix. Did I mention they are a great conversational piece?

Hop over to Double A Dippin’ Doodles to check out pricing and delivery options – you won’t be sorry!

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