3 Rainy Wedding Day Essentials

Mother Nature has had her way with us this spring and as wedding season continues it’s grand entrance, the showers are sticking around.  Rather than dampen your mood, dance in the rain! Pun intended.

Be ready to revert back to your childhood and puddle jump in excitement of your big day. Seal the deal with a kiss in the rain. Reenact the romantic novel/movie The Notebook!  No matter what you do to embrace your wedding weather, be prepared for those blessing drops with three key essentials: rain boots, rain jacket and an ooberly cute umbrella.

Splish splash!

Be ready to puddle jump in fashion. Accent your feet with a surprise pop of color or pattern under the dress – keep it clean! And be sure your feet don’t get wet or cold before, during or after the ceremony. Wearing these cuties, you can’t help but smile!

bridal rain boots

chev | wedge | polkas | white

Cover up!

Protect your dress and stay warm during your escapades before, during or after the ceremony. Whether you want to keep it traditional with white or play off the iconic yellow rain coat, you have plenty of options for beauty. Coat  not your thing? They have waterproof shalls – say whaa? Accent yourself and your girls with a cute shall.

bridal raincoatswhite | shalls | yellow

Statement Piece.

Make a statement with the rain and your guests. Fun umbrellas will be the perfect prop for the photos and do the job while it’s at it – two-for-one!

bridal umbrellasclear hearts | heart | stripes | clear

Can you just picture the photo ops? Embrace the weather, hun. It’s nothing to get you down. It is your day after all. Have fun with these new accessories that you can continue to use after the day, too! Ha! Now how many other wedding items can you do that with?

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