25th Wedding Anniversary

** Apologies for the horrid photo quality below. Embarrassing confession – I’m learning how to use the iPad and apparently this one was a fail. Working on the fix..**

So life happened and I left you hanging. The anniversary party the Mr. And I hosted, was long thought out with many projects, color themes and a beautiful invitation, if I do say so myself. We hd bout 50 people join us to surprise the couple of the hour including family, friends and neighbors.

Not only did we knock the socks off Z’s parents, but everyone who joined us enjoyed their time and the decor. It was a huge success and once again, I’m left smirking my work through photos. Photos I’m excited to sure with you!











We served tacos, a family favorite and one of the easiest party foods to boot. And, of course I was too wrapped up in playing hostess with the mostest to snap pics of the food and desserts in action. Note to self, next time assign either a designated hostess helper or photog. I simply cannot do everything. But, I can jump straight into the next party: a vintage 80th birthday garden party.

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