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about me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my site. My name is Ashley and I’d like to think of myself as a master creator, cookie monster and amateur photographer.

I created this little nook as a place to commemorate my journey from engagement to saying “I do”. The hubs and I tied the knot in November 2012 and haven’t looked back since!

Most would say I was born a planner; besides almost making a spontaneous early entrance in California. Spontaneity has never been my strong suite. Throughout my wedding journey I embraced my love of planning, DIY-ing and organizational bliss. Post-it notes, planners and the hot glue gun are considered my besties.

When I’m not planning or crafting I can be found running and lifting weights. Sipping coffee in local shops and savaging the clearance racks for the best deals. I’m a wife, sister and friend; mom to two purring furballs who quite often think they were dogs in another life.

DIY Bride MN is amongst transformation from wedding journal to a start-up business nook. I appreciate your visiting and if you’d like, sticking around to enjoy the transformation.

— ashley


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